How to Get Him to Want You Back! An Instant Strategy to Reverse the Break Up

Your boyfriend dumped you. It’s harsh but that’s the way it is. Maybe you saw it coming. Perhaps it was something that came at you out of left field. Regardless, you’re left wondering how it happened and if that’s the end of any chance you ever have with him. It’s not. Even though right now it feels as though he’s tossed you aside for good, you have the power to change that. You can actually reverse the break up so he’s the one wanting you back more than anything. It’s certainly not as easy as asking him to come back to you but it’s not as difficult as you may think either.

There are several fundamental things a woman must do if she wants to get her ex boyfriend to crawl back to her. You have to get him to meet with you. Don’t inundate him with countless phone calls asking him to meet you. Instead, just call him once and leave a message saying that you’d like to talk to him about something and asking him to meet you at a neutral place preferably in the middle of the day or very early evening. You want him to get the impression that it’s going to be a very short and very casual meeting.

Arrive late. Yes, this is about making an entrance but it’s all part of your plan to get him to want you back. Look great and whatever you do, do not cry. This point absolutely must be stressed. If you cry you’ll destroy your entire plan to get him back. You have to look calm and centered. Smile if you can.

Ask him casually how he is and then say you’re fine. Tell him that you just wanted him to meet you so you could apologize. Be prepared for the stunned look on his face. He was expecting you to beg him to come back. It will take him a few minutes to get over the fact that you’re not doing that. Then go on to say that you are embarrassed by your behavior after the break up. Only say this if you acted pathetic or desperate when he dumped you. Most of us do and that’s natural but you want him to believe now that you’re apologizing for it.

Then tell him you only want good things for him. Wish him well, get up and walk away. It’s truly that simple. In that one short meeting you’ll have essentially completely shifted the dynamic of your broken relationship. He’s rejected. He’s feeling alone and now he’s wishing he could have you back.

Do you wish you could make him want you back?

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