Getting a Guy to Chase You – Easy Tips that Really Work!

Guys are notorious for having women chase after them. But what about the woman, doesn’t she deserve to be chased after guys? What can a woman do to get that certain guy to chase after her? These are time honored questions, and this article will give some helpful suggestion to make sure that the guy chases after the girl for a change.

For starters, think about what it is that makes girls want to chase after guys. The guy seems to have no interest, thus it becomes a challenge for the girl. This is exactly what you want to do ladies, be the challenge that he cannot ignore. How do you set out to become the challenge? For one, catch his eye. That does not mean to start hanging around him constantly or wearing outfits that will make everyone’s head turn. It just means to let him notice you. There are many ways in which women succeed in doing this everyday. For instance, if you know what sports team is his favorite, bring up the score from their last game. He’ll be impressed.

Secondly, do not be available for him. This is the greatest part of a challenge, when a girl is not available for him, it becomes even more interesting. This does not mean to be a snob to him, you want him to want you, so be cordial and friendly. But when he asks you out for dinner, tell him that you have something else planned that night, but offer another time. You do not want to wound his pride, but yet, you don’t want to seem over eager.

When you two are together make him feel like that the greatest person in the world. He will love this feeling so when you are not available you are going to be running on his mind all the time, thus intensifying his desire to have you, making the chase worth it.

A few things to keep in mind before trying to get the guy of your dreams to chase after you, there must be some kind of connection between you two. Someone who has no chemistry is not going to chase after someone. It is a waste of their time, as well as yours. Secondly, do not hang around him all the time trying to get him to notice you. And most importantly, if after all these hints he still shows no interest, there must be no connection between the two of you, so it’s important to move on.

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