Attract Your Boyfriend Again – Do This to Get Him Running Back to You!

You want to know how to attract your boyfriend again? It’s obvious that you and he aren’t together anymore. It really doesn’t matter if he was the one who dumped you or if you were the one doing the dumping. The fact of the matter is that you wish things could go back to the way they used to be. You love the man and a future without him seems bleak and lonely. You do have the power to change things so he’s yours again. You just have to know the one thing to do to get him running back to you now.

If you are serious about wanting to learn how to attract your boyfriend again you have to think outside the typical relationship box. Right now all you can think of is being his girlfriend again. That means you’re striving to fulfill that role for the second time. That’s a long shot at best right now for the simple reason that you both were hurt during the break up process. Regardless of how much the man adores you still he’s not going to look the other way and simply forget the break up didn’t happen. He doesn’t want to live through that emotional turmoil again.

Instead of pursuing him as his potential girlfriend again, think of him more as a friend. I realize that’s incredibly hard when you’re crazy in love with him still, but consider it a means to an end. You have to place your romantic feelings aside for now in favor of establishing a new, strong and unwavering connection with your ex boyfriend.

He may hesitate a bit at first when you bring up the idea of the two of you being friends. Don’t you dare push him on it! If you do he’ll see that you have an ulterior motive and your whole plan will fall apart. If at first he says he’s not ready to be friends, leave it. Get busy with other things and then revisit the idea in a few weeks.

Once you two have started on the newfound friendship path, strive to be the very best friend you can to him. Don’t talk about the failed relationship. Leave the past in the past for now. Instead, show him what a great and supportive friend you are. It will impact him and he’ll open back up to you again. Once that starts to happen, you’ve got your foot back in the door of a renewed and stronger romance with him.

You can attract your boyfriend again.

There are specific steps you can take right now that are guaranteed to work!

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