After Your Boyfriend Dumps You – Do This One Thing and He’ll Want You Again!

After your boyfriend dumps you the first thing you need to do is pick your heart up off the floor. Obviously you’re not literally going to do that, but it certainly feels as though you need to. The instant when the man you adore tells you that he wants out of the relationship your world goes silent. You can’t hear anything beyond that and you can’t think of anything but what your life will be like without him.

Every woman who has faced this situation before you has had to make a crucial decision. You need to as well. You can give in and agree that the relationship is over or you can dust yourself off and get busy getting him back. It’s an easy decision to make if you really love him. Why try and move forward towards a lonely future if there’s a chance you can get back the man you love?

Essentially you need to do one thing as soon as possible after your boyfriend dumps you. You have to follow suit with him. By that I mean you need to dump him in the same way he’s dumped you. Granted, your approach is going to be more compassionate and thoughtful but the end result will be the same. You’re going to ensure he feels the same deep and unwavering sense of rejection that you have to live with now.

The manner in which you dump him is just as important as the actual act of dumping him. Essentially you’re just going to tell him that you’ve come to see that he was right. Explain briefly that you now realize the relationship wasn’t working and you feel a sense of relief, just as he must. When you say that, pay close attention to his expression. It’s going to change. He will not see this coming. In fact, he’s expecting you to instead promise him the moon in exchange for another chance. When you don’t, he will be the one feeling as though his world is upside down.

The reason this approach works so amazingly well is all about the drive in all men to have the things they can’t. Virtually every man pines for a car he can’t afford at some point. Men long to be the star athlete with the million dollar contract. Sadly, they often see women the same way. If he can’t have you, he’ll want you. That’s why rejecting him will have such a powerful effect on him. Try it for yourself and you’ll see a noticeable change in him almost instantly.

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