I Want My Old Boyfriend Back – Proven Steps to Make it Happen

I want my old boyfriend back. Help!” Sounds like you recently, doesn’t it? You’ve come to the realization that your ex boyfriend is the man for you. So how can you get from the place you two are now, disconnected and apart, to loving romantic partners again? Fortunately there are easy ways to bridge that gap so you can have the future you desire with the man you adore.

Naturally, when you are saying, “I want my old boyfriend back,” it’s coming from a place of pure emotion. When we allow our emotions to guide us we tend to do things we’ll later regret. Crying in his presence, or pleading with him to give you another chance are all detrimental to your chances of getting the man back. You have to present yourself as someone who is calm, controlled and self confident. Do whatever it takes to avoid crying when you’re around him and don’t talk endlessly about why he should take you back. If you’ve been doing these things, it has to stop now.

A very important step to take if you want to get your old boyfriend back is to reject him in the same fashion he’s rejected you. This sounds cold and callous, but when it comes to love, sometimes you have to push the envelope a bit. Don’t be heartless about this. Simply telling the man that you’ve had time to think about things and you now realize where he was coming from is often enough. He’ll understand that you no longer want him and once that happens, the dynamic completely shifts. Suddenly he’s the one forced to deal with the bitter sting of being rejected and you’re the one in control of the situation.

Moving forward with your life and paying less and less attention to him is also a great way to reignite his interest. When a man knows that his ex is still crazy about him, he’ll take some comfort in that. He’ll rely on the fact that he can have her back whenever he wishes. If you show him, with your actions, that it’s not the case, he’ll realize that you have other options. By talking to him less frequently and instead going out and having fun with friends, you’re showing him that you’re not patiently waiting for him to change his mind and take you back. Doing this will actually make him want you more and more.

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