He Broke Up with Me and I Want Him Back! Do This Now to Get Him Back

He broke up with me and I want him back. Sounds a lot like something you’ve been saying lately, doesn’t it? Your boyfriend dumped you and you’re still crazy about him. Try as you might you can’t figure out exactly how to get the man back. Everything you’ve tried thus far has failed miserably and you’re terrified that the next wrong move you make will be the one where he tells you to get lost for good. Stop worrying. With the right plan in place you can get the man back and more in love with you than he ever was before.

There’s one essential move to make after your boyfriend dumps you. You’ve got to return the favor. That’s right. You’re going to dump him as well. That probably sounds ridiculous but it’s actually incredibly effective. The reasoning behind this is actually very simple. Rejection is your driving force at the moment. You can’t stand the fact that he doesn’t want you anymore. It eats away at you and it makes you want him back. You have to get him to feel that same thing if you have any chance of getting him to come back to you.

Rejecting him is actually much easier than you think. Call your ex up and suggest a short meeting. Sound cheery and friendly when you do this. It’s imperative that you aren’t crying or upset at all. Let him know that you just needed to talk to him briefly about something. If he asks if you want to meet to try and convince him to come back, laugh a bit and say it’s not that at all.

When you do meet, be very calm and collected. Look around the room from time-to-time so it appears that you’re not all that interested in him. Then gently explain that you asked him to meet you so you could thank him. Explain that you’ve had time to think since the break up and you now see why it was necessary. Allude to the fact that your life is calmer and stress free now. Do all of this with a smile on your face.

Then all you need to do is wish him well and walk away. In that one exchange you will have shifted the dynamic of the relationship completely. Suddenly he’ll be the rejected one and it will eat away at him. Give him a week or two and he’ll be calling you trying to get you to meet up with him. It’s all about knowing that men want what they can’t have so become someone who doesn’t want him anymore and he’ll want you more than ever.

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