What’s the Best Way to Get Him Back? Ex Boyfriend Advice You Need

What’s the best way to get him back? Simple enough question, right? Wrong! Too many women rely solely and completely on their heart to guide them after a break up. As they sit in a pool of sorrow and regret they start to conjure up ways to get back their man. They imagine doing things like calling him begging for another chance or camping outside his apartment building. They think these are the right things to do. They’re not. Unless you truly understand the right approach to take to get back the man you love, you’re not going to be able to make it happen.

So what’s the best way to get him back? Ignore the man. That’s right, instead of pouring your heart out to him and throwing yourself at his feet in desperation, ignore him. Although it seems like it’s the worst approach you can take, it actually works like a charm and for good reason.

The reason this works so well to get your man back is simple. It takes advantage of a man’s natural psychological triggers. If a man feels he can’t have a woman, she’s suddenly more appealing to him. It’s the main reason so many women resort to playing hard to get in the early days of their relationship. The man in question sees a challenge and it drives up his desire for her. He chases her mainly because she’s let him know, through her actions, that he can’t have her. You need to use this same principle to get your ex boyfriend back.

Here’s exactly how to do it. You need to first let him know that you’re okay with the break up. This step is essential because it shows him that you’re no longer spending endless hours wishing you could have him back. So call the man up and ask to meet him. Look great when you do show up to talk to him. Be calm and in control of your emotions.

When you see him be friendly and polite, but not overly so. Thank him for meeting you and then tell him that you just wanted to let him know that you’re feeling really good about the break up and you see the value in it now. Tell him that you’re glad for the time you two did have together and you really hope the future holds good things for him. Then end the conversation after a few moments of chit chat and walk away.

From that day forward your only role is to play the busy ex girlfriend. Don’t contact him. Instead get out and have fun with your friends, and do the things you haven’t had time to focus on. If you can stay strong and avoid talking to him it won’t take long before he contacts you. The moment he realizes that he may have actually lost you for good will be the moment he wants you back again.

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