Tips for Getting Your Man to Propose – Methods to Make Him Crave a Commitment with You

Getting your man to propose may become something of a challenge if your boyfriend is hesitant about the idea of marriage. It’s disheartening for a woman to be in love with a man who says he loves her but won’t take the relationship to the next level. Waiting endlessly for an engagement ring can lead to a whole host of negative feelings. You can start to feel rejected, sad and confused. If you’re growing weary of your boyfriend’s refusal to pop the question, there are things you can do that will change his mind. You can get the man you love to want to marry you just as badly as you want to marry him.

Trying to push a man into marriage is an exhausting endeavor in every way. Emotionally it doesn’t take long until you feel spent if you’re using all your energy to get someone to commit more to you. Once he realizes how hard you’re pushing him, he’s just going to push you back, even harder. He’ll dig his heels in and you’re never going to get that proposal you want.

You’d actually help him to feel more open to the idea of committing if you stop bringing it up. Throw away all the bridal magazines that you have sitting around your home and forget about talking about which of your friends are getting married this year. You need to remove marriage and any related word from your vocabulary for now. This will help him to relax. That’s what you need to have happen if you’re looking for a marriage proposal.

One mistake that our generation makes that many women before us haven’t is we share so much of ourselves before marriage. We think nothing of devoting ourselves entirely to our boyfriends. If he says he loves us and one day he’ll probably marry us, we begin acting like his wife right away. If your man feels like you two are already a married couple because he knows in his heart that you are completely his, he sees no reason to go that extra step and take all that trouble to get married. He already has everything he wants and that’s you.

That’s why so many women find it helpful to pull back a bit. We’ve all heard the ages old advice of playing hard to get. It works whether you’re dating, wanting to be married or married. If a man feels his woman slowly slipping out of his grasp, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. In the case of a couple on the brink of an engagement, he’ll pop the question. You need to show your boyfriend that you’re not content being his girlfriend forever. You can accomplish that most effectively by creating a bit of distance between you two. Do that and he’ll seriously reconsider the idea of being your husband.

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