Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me? Signs He’s Crazy About You

Are you searching for an answer to the question, does my ex boyfriend still love me? If you are, you may think that the only way to know for sure is to ask him. The only problem with that approach is that you may not get an accurate answer, if you get one at all. Men handle break ups much differently than women do. They aren’t as quick to reveal that they still have lingering feelings for their ex. If you suspect that your boyfriend hasn’t been able to let go of you yet emotionally, there are some signs that will help you to determine what he’s really feeling. The signs that he’s still crazy about you aren’t that hard to detect at all.

Whenever a woman is asking herself the question, does my ex boyfriend still love me, she needs to take stock of how often he’s still reaching out to her. Many exes stay connected after a break up. They agree to remain friends or they meet for lunch or coffee periodically. You can usually tell who is still in love with who based on which ex partner is doing more of the work to ensure the couple stays connected. Does your ex boyfriend call you often? Is he the one who wants to meet up with you? If he is, he’s not over you yet. If you’re unsure of which of you reaches out to the other more stop calling him for a bit. See how long it takes before he comes looking for you. If it’s within a day or two, he’s in love with you.

If a man continually brings up what happened in the past and how badly he feels about it, that’s a good sign that he’s still got some lingering feelings. It doesn’t really matter who was at fault for the break up. What does matter is how often your ex talks about it and his role in it. If he is showing regret for things that happened in the past, he’s not ready to move on yet. You can typically tell when a man feels no remorse for his part in a break up because he’ll never want to discuss it. If you can sense that your boyfriend wishes he would have handled things differently when you two were dating, that’s a very clear sign that he does indeed love you still.

If you and your old boyfriend have mutual friends, they can be an incredible source of information and insight for you after the break up. Men will typically look to friends to let them know how an ex is doing if they still love her. They’ll push them for details about how upset she still is, if she is dating anyone new and if she ever asks about him. Quiz your friends and subtly ask them if your ex has been fishing for information about you. If he has, rest assured that he wants another chance with you just as much as you want one with him.

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