Does My Ex Boyfriend Miss Me? How to Guarantee That He Misses You Like Crazy

Does my ex boyfriend miss me? That’s a fairly standard question coming from a woman who is still madly in love with her old boyfriend. Since you still want him it’s understandable that you’re wondering whether he’s still harboring any hope of getting back together with you. If you truly want another chance with the man, just do whatever it takes to make that happen. Did you know that there are actually things you can do right now that will guarantee that he’ll miss you like mad? Once you know what they are and you follow through with doing them, your ex boyfriend will be begging you to come back to him.

If you want to make your ex boyfriend miss you there’s really one important thing that you absolutely must do. You have to detach yourself from the relationship you have with him now. If you two are still on friendly terms and if you talk every now and again, that needs to change. Many men waffle between wanting to stay connected to their ex girlfriend and wanting to move on. If you continue to allow your ex boyfriend access to you, he’s going to continue to be friendly with you while he decides whether or not he’s willing to give the romantic relationship another try. His options are open right now and you’re probably clear on the fact that you’re available to him. If you’ve been crying when talking to him or telling him that you wish you could have him back, he’s sitting in the driver’s seat and he can continue to keep you guessing on your future for a really long time. That’s why you need to take control of things and change the dynamic between the two of you right now.

Right now you need to do two things to guarantee that he’ll start missing you. You need to tell him that you can finally see that the break up was a good thing and then you need to remove yourself from his life for a few weeks. You have to be calm and in control of your emotions when you do this. That’s an absolute must. Just call him up, tell him you’re finally feeling settled about things and end the call. Don’t go into a long explanation about the fact that you won’t be contacting him for awhile. Don’t even tell him that part. Then once you hang up the phone, make a vow to yourself that you won’t contact him in any way for a few weeks. If you can do this, you’ll never again have to ask the question does my ex boyfriend miss me, because it will become obvious that he does when he starts calling you.

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