You Had Sex with Him Too Soon

So you think you had sex with him too soon? Isn’t lust a confusing thing sometimes? It drives us to do things we normally wouldn’t and then we’re left too regret it. Every woman knows that sleeping with a guy too early in the relationship can bring any future with the man to a screeching halt. Men make assumptions based on when we’re first intimate with them and general speaking you’re going to lose some of your appeal if it happens within the first couple of dates. If you really like the man and he’s started to pull back because you’ve slept with him already, you can change that and get him interested all over again.

The first thing you’ve got to remember if you had sex with him too soon is you can’t turn back the hands of time. You don’t go a do-over on this. The deed has been done and it’s time to look to the future. If he’s starting to call less often or if he comes up with excuses for why he can’t see you, he’s definitely starting to lose interest. One easy way to get that back is to take the romantic aspect of the relationship out of the equation, for now. Often, when a woman sleeps with a man too early he thinks she wants a commitment. He’ll pull back because he’s scared of that. Show him that you’re just as happy to be his friend. Ask him out for lunch or a coffee. Don’t chase him down trying to line up some evening plans with him. Give him a little space but let him know you’re still available, but not to sleep with.

If you two are still going out, you’re probably wondering how you should handle intimacy with him. If you slept with him too soon your initial reaction may be to pull back completely and not sleep with him again right now. If you do that he’ll wonder what is going on with you. The key is to time intimacy carefully and make sure it’s not the sole focus of your relationship. Make plans to go out sometimes and then don’t stay over at his place and don’t invite him over to yours. Make it clear, through your actions, that you’re not there just to have sex with him. Ensure he sees that you’re fun in every setting.

You can erase any mistake you’ve made with your man and get him interested in you again. Find out how.

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