What Should You Do When a Man Doesn’t Call? Tips to Get Your Man Calling You Now


What should you do when a man doesn’t call? At first glance it seems like a very innocent and simple question, doesn’t it? Any woman who has struggled with this issue in her relationship knows that it’s far from easy to answer. Men can be very confusing when it comes to the rules of when to call and when to not call them. If you’re wondering what you need to be doing if your guy just isn’t calling when you’d like him to, there’s help. There are a few simple tips that can transform the dynamic of your relationship and get him calling you as often as you’d like.

The answer to the question of what should you do when a man doesn’t call is nothing. That seems too simple but it’s not. As women we feel this uneasiness and some anxiety if our relationship isn’t going exactly the way we want it to. That’s the main reason we often try and talk through every small issue with our man, including his inability to call. The problem with this approach is that men get very defensive if they feel they are being picked on. If you tell him that you’re upset that he hasn’t called, he’s going to jump to two very unflattering conclusions about you. First, he’s going to think you’re desperate. He doesn’t see phone calls as being all that important in the big relationship picture, so he can’t sympathize with you about how it’s making you feel. Second, he’s going to think you make mountains out of molehills. No man chooses to be with a drama queen. If you go on and on about his not calling, he’ll definitely see you as being too focused on small things and it will be a turn off.

If you want to get him calling now, just stop calling him. Once he sees that you’re not chasing him down trying to find out why he hasn’t called, he’ll call you. If he’s interested or invested in the relationship, he’ll call. You just need to give him a chance to. Even if it’s been a couple of days since he said he would call, leave it to him to do it. It will set a precedence for your relationship and you’ll never have to spend another moment wondering why he’s not calling.

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