Ways to Make Him Want You More– Relationship Tips for Women

make him want you moreNothing is quite as fulfilling as knowing the man you’re wild about feels the same way about you. All women secretly dream of a relationship like this. We want our man to get weak in the knees just from the thought of us. If the man you’re with now seems into you but he isn’t falling over himself to please you or spend time with you, is it possible to change that? It is. There are several things any woman can do that will transform the dynamic between her and her man so he finds her completely and utterly irresistible. You can make him want you more if you understand how to appeal to him.

Surprisingly, one of the ways to make him want you more is to hold back a bit about yourself. We’re usually so quick to share as much as we can with a man when we’re really interested in him but that can backfire quickly. Men love mysterious women. They all want to be with one. If you don’t reveal everything too soon, he’s going to find you more intriguing. Don’t talk endlessly about mundane things when you’re with him. Let him work to find out more and more about you and he’ll find you challenging. Since all men like a challenge this is the ideal approach to get him hooked.

Another thing you absolutely must do if you want to make him want you more is to show him how attracted to him you are. Men love it when they know the woman they are with finds them desirable. Tell him how great he looks by whispering in his ear and run your fingers along his back so he knows you can’t wait to touch him. If he feels that you’re excited to be with him it will make him feel great about himself. This alone is a wonderful method to ensure you’re the woman he’s constantly thinking about.

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