How to Make Your Boyfriend Want You Back – Ways to Make Him Love You Again


Learning how to make your boyfriend want you back can mean the difference between a future without the man you adore and one that is filled with a lifetime of happiness. Break ups aren’t any fun. They’re even more difficult if you happen to still be deeply in love with your boyfriend. It’s excruciatingly painful when a man you adore tells you that it’s over and he’s moving on. In many cases you can almost feel your heart breaking in two. Most people will tell you that the best thing you can do in a situation like this is to move on and forget about him. You already know that’s impossible. Love doesn’t come along everyday so why you should you give up on your one chance?

One important step to take if you want to make your boyfriend want you back is to apologize to him. You’re probably thinking this is a horrible idea if he’s the one who broke up with you and destroyed your heart. It’s a necessary step in the road to getting him back though. You’ve got to take responsibility for anything you may have done that helped contribute to his decision to end the relationship. Think long and hard about this and then call him to say you’re sorry. Do it while you’re calm. Don’t become overly emotional on the phone and don’t go into painful details about why you did the things you did. Just make it simple and genuine. He’ll appreciate it and he’ll be surprised by your composure and maturity.

The next part of your plan to get him back has everything to do with you and little to do with him. You’ve got to set aside your urges to contact him and instead focus completely on yourself. As much as we feel the need to talk to our boyfriend after a break up, he doesn’t have that same desire. He wants to be left alone. He needs to be left alone if you want to get him back. You need to take the next few weeks to focus on improving yourself and your own life. Do things that you’ve been putting off. Hang out with friends and have fun. You have to give your ex some time to realize what his life is like without you. You can only do that if you aren’t in contact with him so make a promise to yourself that you’ll let a few weeks pass before you contact him at all. By then, you’ll likely hear from him once he realizes how lonely he is without you.

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