Getting Your Husband Back in Love With You – Advice for Wives


Whenever a woman takes that life changing walk down the aisle she does it with the intention of being married to her husband for the rest of her life. Rarely does a woman question a man’s love for her on their wedding day, but once the daily grind of real life sets in, things can start to shift. Since most men aren’t as quick to show or reveal their feelings as women are it can be challenging to know exactly how your husband feels about you. A woman’s instinct can help guide her in a situation like this and it may start telling her that he’s just not feeling as emotionally connected to her as he once did. If you feel that he’s drifting away there are ways of getting your husband back in love with you that can ensure your marriage endures and flourishes.

One of the best methods for getting your husband back in love with you is to make some positive changes in yourself. Sometimes we mistake boredom for a lost of interest. Your husband may not feel that magical spark anymore when he thinks about you and that’s what you need to change. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic. Just focus on what you’ve wanted to change about yourself and then make it happen. It might be something as simple as buying some new clothes, or taking a class or even starting a new job. You want to show your husband that you’re still the dynamic, multi faceted woman he fell in love with.

Another step in the right direction towards repairing your marriage is to really start listening to your husband and showing him that you value him as a person. When a couple has been married for sometime they may begin to take one another for granted. This typically manifests itself in several ways. They may not really take the time to talk to their partner, they get irritated quickly with them or they constantly become angered by even the smallest thing. You need to show your husband that you’re thankful for his presence in your life each and every day. If he feels more valued by you, he’ll feel emotionally closer to you. Make a strong effort to thank him for everything he brings to your life. Let him know that you wouldn’t want to share your life with anyone else. He needs and wants to hear these things from you.

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