Advice on How Often to Call Him – Dating Tips For Women


As women we sometimes wish we could wave a magic wand and magically have our man behave like a lovesick puppy. Relationships can be so completely complicated and it’s very confusing not knowing what exactly you should and shouldn’t be doing. We all just really want one thing and that’s a strong, healthy and fulfilling relationship with a man who is crazy about us. There’s a lot of nonsense to wade through before you get to the good parts of any dating relationship though and one of those areas that is something of a puzzle to most women is calling men. We all have plenty of questions including how often to call him, when to call him back and what to say if we have to leave a voicemail.

The issue of how often to call him seems more confusing than it actually is. The biggest mistake that many women make when it comes to the telephone and their man is they call him way too often. Consider how often you call him compared to how often he is the one doing the calling. If you call him more frequently than he calls you, you’re calling him too much. Women set a pattern early in their relationships in this area. If you are always calling him, he will not call you. Men just don’t see a reason to call if you’re already doing the calling, so stop.

Once you stop calling as often he’ll start and then the question of when to call him back becomes more pressing. If you miss his call, and you should sometimes, don’t ever call him back too quickly. You want at least a bit of time to pass between the moment when he leaves a message and you call him back. Even if he never says it, he’ll label you as desperate if you return his call too soon. Let him sit and wait for you. Men may not admit it, but they love when their woman plays a little hard to get. It will only make him want you more.

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