Your Ex Boyfriend – Secrets to Get Him Back

It’s not over until it’s over applies to many things in life, including relationships. If you suffered through a break up with a man you still adore, you have likely given hours upon hours of thought to how to win back his love. The first approach that most women in this situation take is to call their ex pleading with him to see the light and to take them back. Unfortunately, this rarely, if ever works. There are different methods that will get you the results you want. One of the very best secrets to get him back is to accept the break up.

At first glance this seems more like a way to damage the relationship forever than one of the secrets to get him back. The opposite is actually true though. Consider the fact that most men are incredibly uncomfortable when the woman in their lives is overly emotional. If you call him crying, begging or insisting that he’s made a huge mistake he’s going to think you’re acting solely on impulse. He’ll find that unappealing and it will make him pull back even farther. He’ll think you are desperate and not emotionally mature enough to handle the situation. On the other hand, if you simply agree to the split, he’ll be the one thrown into a tailspin.

Another of the secrets to get him back is related to accepting the break up. You also must appear to be moving forward with your life if you want any sort of second chance with him. This doesn’t mean you need to start dating again but you do need to focus on your own life and not your ex boyfriend’s life. Lose yourself in work or spend more time with friends. Even going away on a trip for a few days will help you accomplish this. The goal here is to appear as though you are over the relationship and ready to make the next step in your life. This will leave your ex completely confused. When you consider the fact that he’ll be expecting you to fight for the relationship, and you don’t, he’ll be left wondering why. If you’re not within his grasp anymore and he feels you truly slipping away, he’ll work to win you back. Then it will be your ex who comes chasing after you.

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