Your Ex Boyfriend – 3 Easy Ways to Get Him Back For Good


Wouldn’t it be great if you could just call up your ex boyfriend and tell him that you wanted him back? It sure would be easy, unfortunately relationships rarely work that way. If you love him and you’re determined to get him back, you need a plan that is going to work. Instead of letting your emotions guide you, here are three easy ways to get him back for good.

One of the best ways to get him back is to agree to the split. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? How can you possibly get someone back if you take their side and agree that the break up was a good idea? It’s all about psychological game play. He rejected you and that rejection is eating you up inside and it’s making you want to get back together with him. So take that rejection and drop it right back in his lap. Make him feel that you are rejecting him instead. Agreeing to the break up isn’t going to cost you his love. He’s not going to run out and find someone else to love because he thinks you’re done with him. The opposite is actually going to happen. He’s going to want you more because you want him less. It’s human nature.

Another of the ways to get him back is to go out and have fun. Sitting at home and crying about the break up won’t serve you well. Your ex is going to get wind of how you’re reacting to the split. If he knows that you are still mourning the loss of the relationship it’s going to make him feel he has all the control. Brush yourself off, wipe away the tears and start socializing again. Don’t date other men, but do go out with groups of friends. Show him that you are enjoying life after him. If you can do this he’ll have a hard time not thinking about you and all the fun you’re having without him.

The last of the ways to get him back is the most difficult, but it’s also the most effective. You’ve got to stop talking to your ex boyfriend if you want to get him back. This isn’t easy but the results are truly amazing. Make a vow to yourself that you won’t contact him for a few weeks. That means no calling him, no emailing him and no texting him. Also, don’t plan on accidentally running into him. If you can forget about him completely for awhile he’ll reach out to contact you. That’s when the stage will be set for you two to get back together again.

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