Why You Shouldn’t Call Him When He Doesn’t Call – Dating Advice For Women


If you’re a woman who is involved with a man who doesn’t call when he says he does, you’re likely feeling frustrated and a little discouraged with that. The telephone plays a very important role in most relationships of today and in the case of a romantic union, it’s even more instrumental. Most women think nothing of simply picking up the phone and calling the man they are with whenever they wish, particularly if he hasn’t called in a while. Although this seems like a natural thing to do it can actually have serious ramifications for the future of the relationship. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t call a man when he doesn’t call and unless you understand what those are you may go on damaging the relationship without even realizing it.

One reason why you shouldn’t call him when he doesn’t call is that you don’t want to appear desperate. Whenever a woman tracks a man down and calls him repeatedly trying to find him, she’s sending out a clear signal that she’s scared of losing him. Most of us have been guilty of this at some point. Our man says that he’ll call and then hours pass, perhaps even a day and there’s no word from him. We then take to calling him over and over again until he finally picks up or returns one of the dozens of our voicemails. If you do this, you are going to lose him.

What you should be doing when he doesn’t call is forget about him for the time being. At the very least forget his phone number. Don’t call him at all. Don’t jump to the conclusion that he’s been hurt or someone in his family has died. Chances are very good that’s not the case at all. What typically is happening is he’s just not taking the time out to call you, so don’t take the time to call him. Leave it alone and he will call. Once he does, treat him more as a friend and end the call quickly. If he feels a little distance from you he’s going to work harder to please you which will include calling you more.

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