Why You Should Never Call a Man You’re Dating


Wouldn’t life be so much easier for single women if single men were less confusing? When we start dating a man all we really want is to know if he’s interested or not. It’s difficult enough when you start to develop feelings for someone and you aren’t sure what they are feeling. Add to that the riddle about telephone calls, emails and text messages and most women are at a loss. There are some basic dating rules that women would do well to follow. One of the most important is to never call a man you’re dating.

It might seem foolish to be interested in a man and then never call him. There’s a reason why it’s advisable though. Men are hunters, they love pursuing things. Whether it’s a great deal on a new car, the top score in a video game or a woman, a man wants to be the winner. If you present yourself right in front of him, without any restrictions, he’s likely going to look right past you to another woman who is a master of playing the game of hard to get.

Let’s say you go out with a great guy who you can see yourself having a future with. You exchange numbers and a few days pass without a word from him. Instead of getting out and having fun without him, you decide to call him. The moment you do that you extinguish the fire. He sees you as wanting to be the pursuer, and he loses interest. If you wait for him to call, he’ll see you as a challenge. Men love a challenge.

The only exception to the rule is if he calls and leaves you a voicemail asking you to return his call. In this case he’s already initiated contact so you should call him back. Keep it brief though and don’t commit to another date just yet. Tell him you need to check your schedule first. Men love the idea of a woman who has such a full life that she has to make time to see him.

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