Why Do Men Stop Calling After You Start Dating Them?


The male mind is a never ending mystery to women. Even after you start dating a man you never really have all that much insight into what he is feeling. Men do things that puzzle women and infuriate them at times. Trying to understand why a man does or doesn’t do something can be an exercise in futility. One common question that women have been asking for years is why do men stop calling once you start dating them? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Men love chasing things. When they are toddlers they enjoy chasing each other around the playground. As they mature they start to realize that it’s much more enjoyable to chase girls, and then when they grow into adults, they chase women. Men love that thrill. They want to be the hunter. They plan their attack and try and lure you in. During this time men tend to call all the time. They call and say they just want to hear your voice or they miss you. So the simple answer to the question of why do men stop calling is the chase is over and they’ve caught you.

As soon as a man feels that he has your attention and affection he’ll become lazy when it comes to impressing you. You won’t get flowers as often, you’ll likely enjoy more dinners at home than out and the frequency of his calls and emails will diminish. If he feels that he has you firmly in his grasp, there’s no reason for him to go that extra mile. Many women do ask themselves the question of why do men stop calling without realizing it’s because the man feels so secure in the relationship.

Don’t be surprised at all if this is happening in your relationship right now. It’s common and it’s expected. Most men don’t even realize they are doing it. They simply fall into a pattern of familiarity and with that a relaxation about having to win you over. If you miss the days when he was fawning all over you, create a wee bit of distance between the two of you and don’t call him. He’ll start to wonder where you’ve gotten to and his once lazy attitude about calling will shift dramatically. He’ll want to talk more often if he doesn’t think he’s got you completely to himself.

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