When Not to Call a Man – Learn the Telephone Etiquette Rules You Need to Follow


Knowing when not to call a man is just as important as knowing when to call him. This aspect of the dynamic between the two sexes is still something of a mystery to most women.  Typically we just let our inner instinct guide us when it comes to calling men. If we want to talk to him or if it’s been some time since we’ve heard from him, we’ll just pick up the phone and dial his number. Unbeknownst to most women this approach can actually dampen any interest that he may have had in you.  If you want him to be the one craving to talk to you, you need to learn some basic rules about calling men.

When it comes to when not to call a man the advice is very straightforward. You shouldn’t be the one calling your man unless he’s already called you and left a voicemail. This may seem a bit extreme but it’s about establishing a specific dynamic within the relationship that will ensure you capture and keep his interest. The most common mistake we make with the man in our lives is we call him constantly. We’re the ones who want to talk to him so we call him whenever the urge strikes. This sets a particular precedence in the relationship and before you know it, he never calls at all. The fact is that a man won’t call a woman if she’s always calling him. He has no reason to call her.

If your guy tells you that he’ll call you at a certain time and he doesn’t, don’t call him. Even though you may feel inclined to get in touch with him to find out why he hasn’t called, don’t do it. If you do you’ll be showing him that you’ll always reach out to him if he doesn’t reach out to you. If you make it clear to your man that you’re not the type of woman to sit around waiting for the chance to talk to him, he’ll want to talk to you more. Men want to chase their women, so let give your guy the chance to pursue you.

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