When He Tells You to Call Him Should You? Helpful Advice for Women


Guys don’t always seem as anxious to talk to us on the phone as we are to talk to them. Nothing is quite as frustrating as sitting by the phone waiting for the man in your life to call. We all know by now that men and women handle communication issues in a relationship very differently. We love hearing from our boyfriends. They, on the other hand, seem fine with not talking to us for hours on end, or sometimes even days. If you want to talk to a man on the phone the logical thing to do seems to be to call him. However, in a dating relationship that can be sending the wrong signal. It seems to work better if we wait for our boyfriends to do the calling. So what’s a woman to do when he tells you to call him?

There’s a very specific way to approach the situation when he tells you to call him. Most men will suggest that you call them when they are feeling less than enthusiastic about having the responsibility for doing the calling. If your boyfriend suggests that you call him and when you do, he doesn’t pick up, you need to know how to handle it. You could leave a voicemail and then wait anxiously by your cell phone for him to return the call. That’s one approach but it’s not the best one.

When he tells you to call him and he doesn’t answer, you should always leave voicemail. It’s polite to do so. Make it short and sweet though and then don’t pick up immediately when he calls back. Most men will take their time returning the call and then won’t give any reason for their tardiness. In fact, some men will actually use a situation like this to test you. There are men will even expect you to call back again and again until you do reach them. If you do this, they reach the conclusion that they’ve got you. A man who has a woman never feels like he needs to work for the relationship anymore. You never want the man in your life to feel this way.

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