What Men Really Want From Women – Insight into His Heart and Mind

get him to open upLike most members of the female gender you’ve probably wondered, at some point, what men really want from women. Unfortunately it’s not all laid out in front of us. We have to wander through the maze that is a man’s emotions before we can ever really know what is going on in the heart or mind of the man we adore. Although ever man is obviously unique and has his own set of interests and desires, there are a few qualities that all men are naturally drawn to in a woman.

When it comes to the question of what men really want from women honesty is at the top of the list. Men don’t want to waste their time with a woman who is full of untruths. You need to stay on the straight and narrow path of complete honesty from day one if you are truly interested in a man. Don’t embellish any details of your life in the hopes of impressing him. Never tell him a white lie in an effort to agree with his opinion, when inside you are completely disagreeing with him. Be proud of who you are and your beliefs. He’ll respect and love you more for staying true to who you really are.

Men also crave to be with women who are supportive and kind. The man in your life wants you to be his biggest fan and his loudest cheering section. Ensure that he knows how proud you are of him and what he’s accomplished in his life. You can also reinforce this by asking for his help with certain tasks. He wants to be the person you turn to when you need a shoulder or a helping hand, so let him be that for you. It will help him feel incredibly connected to you.

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