What If He Doesn’t Call? – The Calling Rules For Women


What if he doesn’t call when he says he will? This is one of those questions women have a very hard time answering when they are in a dating relationship. You’ve been out with a guy and you two hit it off. He said he’d call and it’s been days now. What should you do? Should you continue to wait helplessly by the phone hoping he’ll call or should you take the initiative and pick up the phone yourself to track him down? Doing the right thing, versus the wrong thing can actually impact your entire future with the man in question.

The best answer to the question of what if he doesn’t call is to not call him. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a day since the date or a month. If he has your number and he said he’d call, the ball is squarely and firmly in his court. If you break down and call him simply because you have to know why he hasn’t called, you’ll be making a huge mistake. In most cases when this happens, the man will let the call go to voice mail just to see what you’ll say. Then he probably won’t return that call either. The other scenario is when he answers and says that he’s either been too busy to call or he lost your number. Both of these are standard lines that men turn to when they aren’t that interested. If he has nothing going on in the dating department when you do call him, he may actually ask you out again. It’s not because he’s pining to see you though, it’s because there are no other choices in his life right now.

Most of us don’t want to deal with the bitter sting of rejection and that’s what we feel when he doesn’t call. But if he is interested and has truly been busy, he will call eventually. Just don’t make the mistake of being the one to make that first call. It rarely ends well.

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