Ways to Get Your Husband to Fall Back in Love With You – Helpful Advice For Wives


As a marriage matures the couple can find themselves drifting apart emotionally and physically. This is very difficult for a woman who is still very much in love with her spouse. If you feel that your husband and you just aren’t as connected as you once were, don’t give up hope. Although you may feel that divorce is looming on the horizon, it doesn’t have to be the only option. There are ways to get your husband to fall back in love with you again. Not only can this save your relationship it can actually result in him loving you more now than he ever has before.

One of the ways to get your husband to fall back in love with you is to consider how you’ve been treating him recently as opposed to when you two first married. Granted, having children, a career to tend to and bills to pay does change the dynamic of a marriage, but were there any specific occurrences that resulted in you two facing conflict? If a couple argues over something in particular and that argument is never resolved it can lead to all kinds of resentment and negative feelings. Perhaps your husband is still holding a grudge over something that occurred years or months ago. He may not even be aware that he’s doing this. Think back to anything that may have caused damage to the foundation of the marriage and then work to resolve that with him. You may have to compromise on this one issue, but making him love you more is well worth that.

Often times if a man feels neglected he’ll start to focus less and less on his wife. If you’ve been pushing time with him to the back burner in favor of doing things together as a family, he may feel less important and that can cause his feelings to change. One of the best ways to get your husband to fall back in love is to focus only on him for at least a few hours a week. If you can do this on a daily or nightly basis, that’s even better. Ensure he knows that you adore him and that you want to spend time just with him. Make him feel special all over again and he’ll start to feel closer to you emotionally again.

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