Tips For When a Woman Should Call a Man – Know How to Handle Phone Calls With Your Guy


We all know there are unspoken rules about when a woman should call a man but the problem is that most of us just throw caution to the wind and we ignore those rules. The end result of doing that is almost always the same. We end up feeling rejected and unappreciated and he ends up feeling confused about what we are upset about. It doesn’t have to be this complicated at all. In fact, if you only follow one simple rule when it comes to the right time to call your guy, you’ll have a stronger, more fulfilling and less frustrating relationship with him.

The only time when a woman should call a man she’s dating is after he’s called and missed her and left a voicemail. This may seem a little one sided and perhaps it seems as though you’re playing hard to get, but there’s solid reasoning behind this. All relationships have a pattern to them that is set very early. If you repeatedly take on the role of the one calling your guy, he’s quickly going to get used to not calling you ever. Eventually that’s going to wear at you and make you feel rejected and unappreciated. So, right from the start, set the precedence of letting him do the majority of the calling.

If you’re already in an established relationship and you’ve become the primary caller you can still rectify that now. If your man says he’s going to call you to firm up plans for the evening or just to talk and then he doesn’t, don’t call him. Trying to track him down by calling him over and over again is not when a woman should call a man. Just don’t call him at all if he hasn’t lived up to his promise of calling. Even if a day or two go by, don’t call. Soon he’ll start calling you more regularly again because he’ll sense that something has changed, and it will make him squirm.

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