Should You Keep Calling Him If He Never Calls You? Dating Advice For Women


When it comes to the man in your life, should you keep calling him if he never calls you? What’s a woman to do if the man she’s involved with never picks up the phone and gives her a call? What if she has to always initiate the contact out of fear that he’ll never do it? If you are in a relationship like this right now you know how incredibly frustrating it is. The simple answer to whether you should keep calling if he never does is no.

If you keep calling him and he never has to make a move to dial your number you are sending him a clear message that he’s got you all wrapped up in a nice tidy package. Men aren’t going to put the extra effort in to call if you make it abundantly clear that they never have to. If he doesn’t call you there’s only one thing you should be doing and that’s don’t call him. Stop calling him completely.

When a woman breaks her predictable routine it doesn’t take long for a man to notice. If you keep calling him as you always did he will never call you. That’s a fact. If you give up calling it won’t take very long before he does call. You may doubt this and you may even fear that he will give up on you altogether if you aren’t the one reaching out to him, but that won’t happen. What will happen is he’ll start to wonder where you’ve gotten to and what could possibly be more important to you than calling him. That’s when he’ll dial your number and he’ll keep dialing it as long as you refrain from reaching out to contact him.

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