My Boyfriend Rarely Calls Me – How to Get Your Man to Call You More


My boyfriend rarely calls me is one of the most common complaints of women in dating relationships. The issue of telephone calls has become something of a sore spot between many couples. It’s annoying when you feel that you always have to be the one calling your man. Why is it that men just don’t call as often and is there anything a woman can do to get her guy to call more? There actually are things you can do that will persuade your boyfriend to start to pick up the phone and call you even more than you call him.

When I was in a dating relationship I’d often think to myself that my boyfriend rarely calls me. So what did I do when I started thinking about it, I’d call him to talk about it. That is a big mistake. If your guy doesn’t call when he says he will or he just doesn’t call much at all, the worst thing you can do is call him. But it’s what we typically do as women. We feel disconnected from our boyfriend so we call him to feel close to him again. Then later we get a bit frustrated when we realize we were the ones who called yet again. You can stop this emotionally draining cycle by doing just one thing. If you stop calling your boyfriend, he will start calling you. It’s truly as simple as that.

It’s not an easy approach to take though so you need to be a bit tough on yourself. The easiest way to resist the urge to call your boyfriend is to get out and do other things. Focus on other areas of your life, be it working out more or going out with friends. You need to make him feel as though you’re slowly slipping away from him. Once he realizes that he hasn’t heard from you for a bit, he’ll call and he’ll keep calling as long as you don’t. Unless you show him that you’re not always sitting around waiting to talk to him, he’ll want to talk to you more.

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