How to Win a Man Back – Advice For Women

What’s a woman supposed to do when the man she loves decides he needs time or space? For most of us it means that we’re destined to a lot of evenings spent crying, eating ice cream with our best friend and replaying what went wrong over and over again in our minds. Relationships can be incredibly difficult and break ups are even worse. If you lost the man you love and you are determined to get him back, you may be considering writing him a long letter professing your undying love or calling him to tell him there’s no other man for you. These aren’t the right methods when it comes to how to win a man back.What you should do to regain his attention and love may actually surprise you.

The first step when it comes to how to win a man back involves communication. Naturally if you still love him you’re going to want to talk to him. Many women, after a break up, will do everything in their power to get in touch with their ex. Those attempts may even venture into stalking territory. You may not realize it at the time, but if you repeatedly try and contact your ex to plead for another chance your actions are already speaking volumes for you. You’ll appear desperate. Men don’t find desperate women attractive. The rule regarding communication is don’t communicate with him for at least a few weeks. This is hard, but the result is he’ll start to miss you and he’ll be the one calling or writing.

Focusing solely on yourself after a break up is also a great way to get him back. As women we often put our needs last when we are in love. You may have stopped pursuing your own dreams when you became seriously involved with your boyfriend. One of the best tips related to how to win a man back is to do something just for you. Maybe go on a vacation that you’ve been putting off or spend more time with your girlfriends. If you focus on yourself, you’ll be happier. Happier women are more attractive. Show your ex that you can live and even prosper without him. He’ll be magnetically drawn back to you when he sees how self sufficient and confident you are.

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