How to Make Him Want You Again – Effective Ways to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Now


One of the most challenging situations any woman can find herself in is being in love with an ex boyfriend. Once a relationship ends we’re supposed to let go and move on, right? That sounds so easy in theory, but it’s not that simple at all. Why would any woman let a man go if she believes, deep in her heart, that he’s her soul mate? If you’re feeling this right now and you’re wondering how to make him want you again, you need just a little insight. If a woman understands how to appeal to her ex boyfriend’s heart all over again, she can have him back in love with her in no time at all.

What do you think your ex boyfriend is expecting you to do now that the relationship is over? He’s expecting you to get overly emotional and call him crying or send him endless text messages all begging for a second chance. When it comes to how to make him want you again, this type of behavior is not part of the equation. You can’t expect a man to take you back if you’re acting desperate. You’ve got to pull yourself together, slap on a brave face and appear to accept that things have changed. If you want to speed along the reconciliation process you should take this a step further by telling him that you’re fine with the break up. If you can switch the feeling of rejection from you to him, he’ll be the one wanting you back.

To accomplish this you do need to start by telling him that you were also considering a break up. He’ll look shocked by this and that’s a good thing. The next step is challenging, but instrumental if you really want to get him back. You’ve got to cut yourself out of his life for a few weeks. Don’t call him or even email him. Don’t contact any of his friends to ask about him. You need to make it seem as though you’ve dropped off the face of the earth. This accomplishes one very important thing. It gives him the chance to miss you, which is what you want. Once he starts to feel a void in his life, that you used to fill, he’ll come running to you looking to get back together.

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