How to Make Him Need You – Relationship Advice For Women

make him need youMost of us have been in a relationship where we felt the man we were with just wasn’t as into us as we were into him. It’s frustrating and disappointing to be crazy about a man who seems a little cold and distant. Learning how to make him need you can change the entire dynamic of your relationship and can shift what he’s feeling from cool and controlled to hot and bothered. If you want to make yourself completely irresistible to your man there are just a few things you should be doing.

Most men secretly long to be with kind women. We’re taught to be very self sufficient and confident when we are looking for a man to share our lives with. Unfortunately some women take this to mean that they need to be a bit removed and self focused. Although men do want to be with women who are confident and in control of their lives, they also want to be with someone who is kind and nice to others. Not all women are genuinely kind hearted but it’s a quality that men find hard to resist. Show the man you are with that you can be nice to others and giving. He’ll want and need you more because of it.

If you can make a man feel great about himself he’s going to need you. Men are drawn to women who make them feel as though they’re better men. Most of us know at least one or more couples who struggle in their relationship because there is conflict between the partners. If a woman is repeatedly telling the man in her life what he is doing wrong, as opposed to embracing and celebrating everything he does right, the man isn’t going to open up as much emotionally as he might. If you want to make him need you treat him as though he’s your hero. Be grateful for everything he brings to your life and thank him when he does things for you. He wants to be the person you turn to and the one who is always there to help you. If you can help him to feel this way, he’ll want to spend as much time with you as he possibly can.

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