How to Make a Man Jealous – Tips for Women

Love is a funny thing and if you’re crazy about a certain someone and you feel a bit make a man jealoustaken for granted, a great way to regain his attention is to rock the relationship boat a little. Many men are incredibly jealous creatures and if you want to test how he truly feels about you, why not make him wonder a little. If you are thinking about how to make a man jealous, a great first step is to focus on yourself.

All men want to be with a woman who is desirable. When you are thinking about how to make a man jealous take an inventory of how you’ve been presenting yourself to your man. Have you slipped into such a comfortable position that you regularly spend time with him while wearing sweat pants, t-shirts and no make up? A great way to test his devotion is to get all dolled up and then tell him that you’re heading out with a bunch of girlfriends. He’ll immediately wonder why you’re putting in the effort for others and not for him. He’ll be sure to be bitten by the jealousy bug.

If he has yet to make a commitment to you, don’t appear as though you’ve made one to him. If you let him know that you’re only dating him, he’ll feel that he’s won you. Another great tip when you are thinking about how to make a man jealous has to do with availability. If you’re always raring to go on a date with him, even at the last minute, he’ll instinctively know that you’ve got few options. The next time he calls to ask you out, tell him you’re busy. Don’t say what you’re doing. Instead just briefly say you already have plans. His mind will go crazy wondering who they are with.

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