How to Handle Men Not Calling – Dating Tips for Women


Men who don’t call after a date is a common complaint heard from women. Actually the issue of men not calling often extends well beyond the initial stages of a relationship. Many women struggle with a boyfriend who just can’t seem to dial her number on his cell phone. When it comes to men and phone calls, what exactly is going on? Why is it that men just can’t seem to bring themselves to call a woman after a date?

There are many reasons for men not calling after a date. The most common reason is that the man in question is testing you. Men can tell a lot about a woman based on how she handles the issue of phone calls. If he says he’ll call and then several days pass without word, he’s likely just waiting to see how long you’ll hold out before you’ll call. If you call within the first few days and ask why he hasn’t called, he’ll see that as desperate. He’ll think you’re already putty in his hands and he will do little to try and impress you from that point forward. If you don’t call him and a week passes and then another, he’s going to find that much more alluring. Men are naturally inclined to want things they cannot have. If you pretend to be disinterested, he’s going to be more interested.

If he does call and leaves a message you must also be mindful of how you handle this. Calling him back immediately isn’t the best approach. You’ll get much better results, in the form of his being really interested, if you wait a day or two to return his call. Never give a reason for why it took you so long to call back. Just say you’re returning his call and let him lead the conversation. You always want to appear relaxed and unconcerned with men not calling you back. If you do, you’ll be much more appealing to any man you date.

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