How to Get Him Addicted to You: Dating Advice for Women


So you have a special man in your life but you don’t feel he’s as devoted to you as you are to him? This is an issue that women struggle with on a daily basis. We believe we’ve found our Prince Charming but he seems not quite as invested emotionally in the relationship. Is it possible to get him addicted to you? The answer is yes and accomplishing that isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems.

If you want to get him addicted to you, first and foremost you have to be different from all the women he’s dated before you. One aspect of relationships that women often overlook is the fact that men will date different women for one reason. It’s because they haven’t found quite what they’re looking for. If you want to get him addicted to you, you need to be that someone special. You have to stand head and shoulders above every other woman he’s ever been involved with.

In order to accomplish this, you have to do just one thing. You have to make the man in your life love himself more when he’s with you, than when he’s not. If you want to get him addicted to you, focus on him more than you. Most women make the crucial mistake of trying to better them selves in an effort to win his love. The fact is that if you can make him feel better about whom he is, he’ll feel more drawn to you for it.

To do this you simply need to focus on the unique and appealing things about him. Compliment him in a gracious and genuine way. Really enjoy your time with him. Keep the mood light and carefree and don’t pounce on the subject of a commitment too soon. Make it easy to be with you and he’ll feel more and more connected to you. Ensure that he always knows how much you value and appreciate him. Don’t let petty things get in the way of the relationship and he’ll find you mature and irresistible. The more you show him that you think he’s one in a million and you really love spending time with him, the easier it will be to get him addicted to you.

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