How to Get a Man to Call You: Dating Advice for Women


You’d think that the telephone wouldn’t play such an important role in dating relationships. It does though and many women are confused by the issue of when to call a man and how to get a man to call you. It’s certainly not as simple as picking up your cell phone and dialing his number whenever you want to talk. There are a few guidelines that women should consider when they are dealing with men and this particular form of communication.

One ill timed phone call to the man you are dating can impact how he feels about you forever. It’s a bold statement but it’s true. Men use the telephone to determine things about the women they are dating. If a woman calls too much, she’ll be labeled dependent or desperate and if she never returns calls a man might reach the incorrect conclusion that she’s not interested.

Part of the problem is that if you’re like most women you think that to get a man to call you, you have to simply ask him. Although some men will gladly call when you request, most won’t. The reason they don’t is because they know that eventually you’ll do the calling yourself. Men will actually wait and see how long it takes you to make contact. If you call within hours of the time you were supposed to hear from him, he’ll think you were sitting by the phone waiting. On the other hand, if several days pass and you still haven’t called, that’s when he will. His curiosity about what you might be doing will get the better of him. Anytime a man thinks that he’s not at the top of your priority list, he’ll work harder to get there. So if you want to get a man to call you, stop calling him.

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