How to Get a Guy Back You’re Still in Love With – Ways to Make Him Want You Again


You’ve got two choices when your relationship ends. You can try and forget about your ex boyfriend or you can get him back. You may think that you don’t have even a remote chance of winning back his love, but don’t be too certain. Never lose sight of the fact that he loved you once. This means he can love you again, and as long as you know exactly how to get a guy back, you two can be together again and even deeper in love in no time at all.

The question of how to get a guy back has several answers but it’s important to keep in mind that what you don’t do is just as important, if not more, than what you do. As women we’re notorious for wearing our hearts on our sleeves. We think nothing of letting our guy know exactly what we’re thinking and feeling and we’ll let our emotions show through all of it. This translates into lots of sobbing, outright crying and sometimes even pleading with him to come back. If you’ve been guilty of doing this with your old boyfriend, you’ve got to change your tune now. Give the illusion of a stiff upper lip and smile through the tears. Show him that you’re mature enough to accept that things are different. This will actually go a long way towards getting him back.

If you want to make him want you again never lose sight of the fact that he loved you very deeply at one time. He can love you again if you become that woman. If you’ve changed, and most of us have, try and transform back into the woman you were when you two met. Maybe you were more carefree and easygoing, perhaps you had a career or hobby you were passionate about. Do everything you can to become a better, improved version of you. You want to wow him all over again and you can if you just invest a little time and energy into yourself.

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