How Do You Get a Guy Back After a Break Up – Help for Women


How do you get a guy back after a break up? How many of us have asked this exact question after a split with our boyfriends? One of the biggest problems after a relationship ends is the realization that you are still hopelessly in love with him. If you’re in this situation there’s a good chance you’ve already asked the advice of your girlfriends. The drawback to this approach is that some of them may have told you the only way to get him back is to plead with him and tell him that you can’t live without him. This is actually one of the worst things you can do.

Ask a man the question of how do you get a guy back after a break up and he’ll have a dramatically different answer than a woman does. A guy will tell you to give him some space and stop making yourself so available. He’ll also tell you that if you call him crying or write him a long email explaining how you feel, that he’ll become even more annoyed with you.

So what’s the best answer to the question of how do you get a guy back? Surprisingly it’s to put him out of your mind for at least a few weeks. You’ve got to forget his cell phone number, resist the temptation to write him an email and stay away from any places he tends to hang out. Both you and he need time to sort through your emotions after the split. He can’t do that if you’re making it clear to him that you can’t live without him. Men don’t find that irresistible or endearing. When a woman shows a man, after a break up, that she’s an emotional mess without him, he’ll immediately label her as desperate. You do not want to appear desperate to your ex if you truly want him back.

Focus completely on yourself after the split. Get out and have fun. Spend some evenings with your girlfriends or better yet, plan a girls’ only getaway to somewhere tropical and warm. You have to make yourself your number one priority, not him. If you do this it will instantly impress him. He’ll realize that you’re not lost without him, he’ll see you functioning and even flourishing without him and he’ll revert back to wanting you again. Once you’re not making it clear to your ex that you are his for the taking, he’ll set out to win you back.

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