How Do I Get Him to Call Me? Dating Advice for Women


How do I get him to call me is one of those dating questions that women have been asking one another for years. Men just don’t seem to have the same interest in the telephone or the same need to be in contact as frequently as we do. It’s frustrating and a little disheartening to be with a man who rarely calls. Women know that over time if the man in your life isn’t doing any or little of the calling you’re going to begin to wonder if he’s really all that interested in talking with you. So what can a woman do? Are there ways to get a man to call? The surprising answer is yes.

The obvious and direct approach to getting a man to call you more often is to simply ask him. If you’ve ever tried this you know that you’ll likely get one of two responses. He may agree to call and will, but that won’t last much longer than a few days before his calls become more infrequent until the point that he rarely calls again. The other response is that he’ll say you are nagging him and that there’s nothing wrong with you being the one to call. So when you’re asking yourself the question of how do I get him to call me, don’t ask him directly.

A much more effective way to get him to call is to stop calling him. Sounds easy enough, but for the majority of women, it’s almost impossible. It’s imperative that you do it though if you want to break the cycle of your man not calling you. An easy way to accomplish this is to fill your time with other things. Focus on going out with friends, working out or taking a new class. Do everything in your power to not call the man in your life. It won’t take long for him to realize that you’ve stopped calling and when he does, he’ll start calling you. If you are always the one calling, he has no reason to call, so change your behavior and in turn his will change too.

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