He Says He’ll Call You Back and Doesn’t – Dating Advice for Women


What should you be doing if he says he’ll call you back and hours pass without a word? This is one of the big mysteries of dating that women are faced with on a daily basis. We hear so much about dating etiquette but what’s a girl to do if the man she’s seeing promises he’ll call and then it becomes obvious he isn’t going to? The answer may surprise you.

If he says he’ll call you back and then doesn’t don’t call him. This is one of the most common mistakes women make when they are involved in a relationship. They start making excuses for their man as to why he didn’t call. After a few hours pass, in some cases even sooner than that, they call him up and ask him point blank why he hasn’t called back. Doing this is going to result in just one thing. It’s not going to make him think twice next time he says he’ll call, it won’t light a fire under him to call you sooner and it won’t make him love you more. Nagging a man about a phone call that was never returned will only serve to damage your relationship. He’ll think you’re desperate and it will send him a clear signal that he’s got you wrapped tightly around his little finger.

Women need to learn that if he says he’ll call you back and he doesn’t, leave it at that. Don’t waste even one moment trying to determine why he didn’t pick up the phone and call you. Don’t jump to any conclusions about him seeing someone else or liking you less. The fact is that there could be any number of reasons why he didn’t call, but none of them really matter. What does matter is your actions. If you pretend not to notice or care that he didn’t call, you will instantly renew his interest in you. Men are used to being pushed into corners over things like phone calls. If you act nonchalantly and you appear not to care either way, he’s going to start chasing you all over again because it will immediately make him wonder why you aren’t eager to hear from him.

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