Great Tips to Help You Keep a Man’s Attention

Whoever said relationships were easy must have been a man. Trying to stay happy and connected with one another isn’t a simple task. If you are a woman who wants to keep a he doesnt love meman’s attention there’s a few fundamental things you need to be doing. Relationships certainly do take work but with a little effort you can have him committed to you forever.

One of the easiest ways to keep a man’s attention is to be a little unavailable. As women, we have a habit of focusing on the man in our lives. We may give up other interests in favor of spending time with him. When a man begins to notice this happening he starts losing interest quickly. A great way to keep a man’s attention is to plan regular outings with girlfriends, or take weekend trips out of town. You need to ensure that he always has a chance to miss you, at least a little bit.

Being confident is another way to keep a man’s attention. Men want women who love themselves. Even if your body isn’t perfect or you don’t have the job you’ve always dreamt of, own and celebrate what you do have. When a man sees a woman who is happy with herself, he’s drawn to that. He’ll actually find it irresistible.

You have to be genuine if you want to keep a man’s attention. Don’t ever try and be someone you’re not. If he tells you that he prefers blondes, and you are a brunette, he’s not worth the trouble of changing your hair color. The same is true of a man who suggests that you may need to lose a few pounds. If you succumb to what he wants, you are changing who you are. Be honest and never give in to his idea of ideal. If you have to become someone other than who you genuinely are, he’s not the right guy for you. Quality men love women who are honest and true to themselves. Never be afraid to voice your opinions when it comes to a man. If you first please yourself, you’ll automatically be pleasing him.

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