Grab a Man’s Attention and Make Him Yours – Dating Advice for Women

get him to share his feelingsTo the ill informed it may seem that there are more than enough single men to go around. Truth be told, men worth having are actually few and far between. If you are a woman who has her eye on a certain single man, you’re already well aware of all the competition out there. So how does a woman grab a man’s attention so he’s fully focused only on her? It’s not as hard as it seems and a lot of it has to do with how you make him feel about himself.

It might seem that the best approach to grab a man’s attention would be to slip into something tight, put on some extra make up and flirt like crazy. This may get you a man’s attention for a moment or two but it won’t be for the right reason. If you’re looking for a quality man for something long term you need to start by playing up his best qualities, in addition to your own. Men love to be complimented but only if it’s genuine. Once you make him feel that you genuinely like him for who he is, he’ll start to open up to you.

Some women go overboard when they are trying to grab a man’s attention. They’ll compliment him for everything and when you do this, it actually kills the attraction instead of increasing it. They best approach is to find something about him that you really enjoy, be it the way he treats others or how devoted he is to a certain cause and ensure that he understands how much you admire him for it. Helping a man to feel good about himself is truly the best way to get inside his heart. If you do this, he’ll want to be with you as much as possible because you truly appreciate who he is.

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