Get Him to Fall Back in Love With You After the Break Up

Relationships fall apart on a daily basis. Most of us hear about a friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend or a couple going through a divorce. Although it’s often difficult to hear about the end of a relationship between two people we care about, it pales in comparison to what you feel when your boyfriend and you break up. Losing the love of someone you care deeply for can impact your entire life. If you still love for him and you want him back, you are likely considering doing all kinds of things to regain his attention. If you really want to get him to fall back in love with you, you need to approach the situation in a very specific way.

The natural impulse that many women have when they want to get him to fall back in love is to call him repeatedly until he agrees to reconcile. Too many women have taken this approach and it rarely works. Barraging him with calls, texts or even emails suggests just one thing to him and that’s that you are desperate and emotionally immature. It also gives him the impression that you aren’t in control of your emotions and will do anything to get him back. You are placing your value beneath his and he senses that and it can come to be part of the dynamic when you do get back together.

Ideally if you want to get him to fall back in love, you need to be able to stay away from him for at least a few weeks. This doesn’t just mean you don’t call him. It also means you shouldn’t text or email him and absolutely no seeing him in person. In order to make him want you back, you have to demonstrate to him what his life is like without you. The idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder is based in fact. If you aren’t there, he’ll miss you and he’ll begin to think about what you two shared. For that reason you must do everything in your power to avoid him.

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