Ex Boyfriend Dating Someone New? How to Get Him Back From Her


If your ex boyfriend is dating someone new and you still carry a torch for him, you’re in a very uncomfortable, not to mention, heartbreaking situation. It’s painful to see the man you love with another woman. If you are still convinced he is the man for you, you can get him back from her if you know exactly what to do. It’s certainly not simple, but true love rarely is.

Most women, when confronted with the realization that their ex is dating someone new, get overly emotional and start behaving in a very immature fashion. It’s easy to do when the man you adore is spending all of his time with someone else. Desperation is bound to kick in and it can drive a woman to do everything from calling him non-stop while crying to badmouthing his new girlfriend. Doing anything of these things will make you look as though you can’t control your emotions and will give your boyfriend validation for ending the relationship. He’ll feel that he was right to break up with you because you aren’t emotionally stable. You have to take the high road in this instance and accept that things have changed for the moment.

The most effective way to get him back from her is to become his friend. This is naturally going to be difficult to do but it can be instrumental in a romantic reunion. If you can overcome the pain you are feeling over the break up enough to take a position in his life as a friend, you’ll have a chance to lay the foundation for more in the future. When a man feels he can trust a woman he’ll start to confide in her. You want to establish yourself as that person in your ex boyfriend’s life. Do it by offering your support to him and all the while keep some emotional distance from him. Don’t ever talk about your broken relationship or your hopes for a future with him. Once he feels he can confide in you, you’ll be the shoulder he turns to when things get rocky in his new relationship. And when things end, you’ll be right there to pick up the pieces.

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