Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Have Feelings for You? How to Tell


If you are still deeply in love with your man after the relationship has ended you are living in something of a torturous world. It’s difficult wanting to be with someone and not knowing if they share that same sentiment. There are ways to tell if your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you without being obvious and asking him.

Typically when a couple breaks up and the man has lost all feelings for the woman he’ll try and make that break a completely clean one. He won’t want to stay in touch. He’ll instead stay as far away from her as possible and will even go so far as to avoid answering her calls or emails. In essence, he’ll ignore her completely. You can tell if your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you if he wants to know how you are. If you hear from him periodically and he wants to see what you’ve been up to or he invites you out for a coffee or lunch he’s still struggling with some feelings. This is a good sign and is definitely something you can build on.

When you ask yourself the question does your ex still have feelings for you, consider whether he still asks your opinion. When a man holds a woman in high regard he turns to her for advice. You’ve probably already noticed this in your relationship. Your ex boyfriend may have shared important decisions with you because he valued your insight. If that’s the case and it’s still continuing, he hasn’t let go of you yet. Be supportive of him and offer your help and advice whenever you can. You want to show him that you still value having him in your life and being of aid to him is something you want. Once you’ve established that he can still trust you as a friend, it’s easy to rebuild the romantic element of the relationship.

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