Can You Hypnotize a Man to Love You? The Surprising Answer

make him desire you

Is it possible for a woman to hypnotize a man to love her? As women we often want to find a way to magically make the man we adore feel the same way about us. Hypnotism seems like something saved for stage shows or those who want to lose weight or quit smoking. The truth is that there are a few things that you can do that will subtly hypnotize your man and make him more open to an emotional connection with you.

Men love eye contact. If you are with a man and you feel strongly about him, keep your eyes focused on his as much as possible without it becoming uncomfortable for him. This simple move draws a man in and makes him feel helpless to your charms. If you aren’t skilled in how to hypnotize a man, doing just this one thing can really change the dynamic of a relationship. Most men don’t expect it and secretly long for a woman who does it.

Another way you can subtly hypnotize a man is to become a reflection of him. This is easy and all it involves is simply copying everything he is doing. If you two are out for dinner and he reaches for his drink, do the same. Allow the drink to linger at your lips as long as he does. If he clasps his hands together, do the same. Most men will never consciously notice you doing this but it does draw them in. He’ll feel more comfortable and open with you. You’ll feel the difference in his demeanor right away.

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