5 Ways to Win Your Man Back After a Break Up


So you’ve decided that you want to win your man back? If you still love him that’s the best possible decision you can make. Love doesn’t come along every day so when you find it, and you know it’s that lifetime type of love, it’s definitely worth fighting for. If you are determined to get him back for good, there are a few things you can do that will help you accomplish that.

The first of the ways to win your man back isn’t going to be easy for you. It’s important though so you need to look at the big picture. You need to appear as though you accept the break up. This means you have to keep those emotions under control and tell him that you understand he needs to end things and you are okay with that. Do everything in your power to appear as though you’re okay. The reason this is so important is that it shifts the dynamic of the entire relationship. When he decided to end the relationship your boyfriend was the one in control and you were the one feeling rejected. If you tell him you accept the break up, he suddenly feels rejected. Rejection is a powerful emotion and it will push him to want to win you back.

You have to stop contacting your ex boyfriend if you want him back. No phone calls, stop emailing him and forget about text messaging him. You have to pretend he doesn’t exist for at least a few weeks after the break up. The goal here is to get him to miss you. He can’t do that if you’re constantly trying to talk with him. So delete his cell number and email address and focus on other things.

Change yourself after the break up. This doesn’t mean that you should transform yourself into someone you’re not to grab his attention. It does mean that you need to start improving on the things that he found unappealing about you. Perhaps you were always late or you often nagged him about small things. Whatever he complained about is what you need to try and change. Make yourself into a better version of you. It will impress him and remind him of why he fell in love with you initially.

Another of the ways to win your man back is all about attitude. Once some time has passed and you two are back in touch don’t play the victim with him. Be sure of yourself and exude self confidence. Make him see that you are fine without him. Men love women who are self sufficient and can make it on their own. Show him that’s exactly who you are. He’ll find it irresistible.

Don’t always be available to him after the break up. This is one of the best ways to win your man back after a break up. If done correctly it’s subtle, yet very effective. You are going to stay just outside his reach. You’ll accomplish this by not always answering when he calls and coming up with viable excuses when he wants to get together for lunch or coffee. You need to give the allusion that you have more important things to do. Always be vague about why you’re not available. It will drive him crazy and make him want you back even more.

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