Signs a Guy is in Love With You – Ways to Know What He’s Feeling

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We all wonder at some point whether the man we’re with is falling as deeply in love with us as we are with him. If you’re with a man now and you just aren’t sure whether his heart belongs to you and he’s just not vocal about what he’s feeling, there’s help. There are a few ways to know what he’s feeling based just on paying close attention to his actions. You don’t have to sit and wonder whether he really adores you or not.

One of the signs a guy is in love with you is his undeniable desire to spend as much time with you as possible. If he is constantly trying to sneak in time with you, whether it’s something as elaborate as planning a romantic weekend getaway or just bringing lunch to your workplace, he’s fallen in love with you. Unfortunately if you’re with a man who has an endless stream of excuses for why he can’t see you, that usually indicates that he’s just not that into you.

Have you met the other important people in his life yet? The answer to this question actually says a great deal about what he’s feeling for you. One of the signs a guy is in love with you is he’ll be excited and anxious for you to meet the other people in his life that he cares for. Typically this includes his family members and close friends. If you’ve been together for awhile and you have yet to meet anyone in his life that’s not promising at all. Men usually don’t introduce the woman they are dating to their family unless their feelings are quite serious. This is really a good barometer of where his head and heart are at.

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