Did Your Boyfriend Break Up With You and You Want Him Back? Advice Just for You


Having your boyfriend break up with you when you’re still wildly crazy about him isn’t easy. Unfortunately in many relationships both people don’t envision their futures the same way. You really only have two choices when you are thrown into a situation like this. You can accept that his decision is final and things are over or you can take control of the situation and try and get him back.

The number one mistake that you can make when your boyfriend breaks up with you is to try and convince him that he shouldn’t. This is the reason behind all those crying phone calls women make to their exes. Some women even go so far as to enlist the help of a friend to do the pleading for them. If you go down this road you should be prepared for him to dump you for good. You are hurting yourself if you become too desperate in your quest to get him back. He’ll recognize that desperation and it will turn him off for good. Don’t do it. Avoid crying in front of him and never call him to plead with him for a second chance.

The best thing you can do if you have a boyfriend break up with you is accept the split, at least temporarily. Most men are much more intuitive than women give them credit for. If he knows you still love him and he breaks up with you he’s expecting you to react a specific way. He thinks you’ll become an emotional wreck. He’s likely already bracing himself for all the tears and begging. If you do the exact opposite of this, he’ll be shocked. What you need to do is smile, sigh and tell him that you agree that a break up is in order. Just watch the change in his expression and demeanor when you do this. He’ll instantly feel what you felt – rejection. He’ll wonder why you aren’t fighting to save the relationship. He’ll start to imagine all the reasons why you don’t want to be with him and he’ll instantly start wanting you back. Men have always loved to chase and capture things, including women. If you suddenly become someone he no longer has caught, he’ll want you again. It’s a man’s nature.

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