Dating Phone Call Rules For Women – When to Call The Man In Your Life


If you’re a female chances are that you’ve heard a bit of talk about the dating phone call rules for women. Unfortunately, there’s more to dating than meets the eye. Women are often left wondering how they should handle phone calls with the man they are involved with. Should you call him if he doesn’t call you? How many days should you wait to contact him after a date and what if you only ever get his voicemail? Once a woman understands the basics of when to call a man, she’ll find this part of the dating maze easy to navigate.

One of the fundamental dating phone call rules that every woman should follow is not to call the man she’s dating too often. Some advice even suggests that you should never call him at all, but that’s taking it a bit too far. Men make several insightful observations based on how a woman handles phone calls. If a woman calls too often a man may label her as desperate. He’s also likely to jump to the conclusion that she’s already devoted to him and that leaves him feeling pretty comfortable in the relationship. You may have noticed that the more you call the man you’re dating, the less interested he seems. That’s because men want to be the ones chasing you.

It’s a good idea to wait for the man you are dating to call you unless you two have agreed that you would call. If you do call, at his suggestion, and it goes to voicemail, leave a short message and don’t call back. This is another of the dating phone call rules that women constantly break. They try and reach the man they are involved with and when he doesn’t respond right away, they leave message after message. Sometimes they even become a bit frantic out of fear that something horrible must have happened to him that’s keeping him from calling. Make the first initial phone call and then leave it at that. He’ll call back when he’s ready to. Just ensure that you don’t seem too over eager once you do hear from him.

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